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Ultra Pro Pokemon Greninja Playmat

Ultra Pro Pokemon Greninja Playmat

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  • Officially Licensed Pokémon Trading Card Game Playmat featuring Greninja: Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Pokémon battles with this officially licensed Playmat adorned with vibrant, full-color artwork showcasing the iconic Greninja. As an officially endorsed product of the Pokémon Trading Card Game, this Playmat not only serves as a practical accessory for enhancing your gameplay experience but also stands as a symbol of your unwavering dedication to the Pokémon universe.

  • Approximately 24 in. x 13.5 in. and Lays Flat: Enjoy ample space for intense battles and strategic maneuvers on this generously sized Playmat, measuring approximately 24 inches in width and 13.5 inches in height. Designed to lay flat and remain stable during gameplay, this Playmat provides a smooth and level surface for arranging your cards and executing your winning strategies with precision and confidence.

  • Soft Fabric Top Helps Protect Cards During Gameplay: Protect your valuable Pokémon cards from scratches, scuffs, and other forms of damage with the soft fabric top of this Playmat. Engineered to provide a gentle cushioning effect, the plush surface minimizes the risk of wear and tear to your cards during intense gameplay sessions, ensuring that each card retains its pristine condition for countless battles to come.

  • Non-Slip Rubber Backing Keeps the Playmat from Shifting During Use: Maintain optimal stability and control during gameplay thanks to the non-slip rubber backing of this Playmat. Engineered to grip firmly onto any surface, the rubber backing prevents the Playmat from sliding or shifting during use, allowing you to focus on your strategies without the distraction of a shifting playing surface. Enjoy uninterrupted gameplay with this reliable and steadfast accessory at your side.

  • Makes an Excellent Oversize Mousepad for Your Home or Office: Elevate your workspace with dual functionality as this Playmat doubles as an oversize mousepad for your home or office. With its impressive dimensions and smooth surface texture, the Playmat provides ample space for maneuvering your mouse with precision and comfort, enhancing your productivity and gaming experience simultaneously. Transform your desk into a Pokémon battleground or gaming hub with this versatile and stylish accessory.
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